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FLASH-TV owns and operates Nationwide Network of microwave relay stations to assure and maintain station?s signal strength that is strong enough to reach audiences in all major metropolises, towns and even relatively small neighborhoods throughout Turkey.

National Cable Systems also carry FLASH-TV programs for their subscribers.

96.5% of the total population in Turkey has been reached by FLASH-TV. 

Besides all these, FLASH-TV programs are available via satellite for viewers in Middle East Countries/Arab States and Israel, Europe/European Union Member Countries, East Europe (Non-EU States) Balkan States, Caspian Sea region Turkish Republics (of the former Soviet Union).
[See International Coverage Technical Details below]

Well-designed up-to-date technical infrastructure, success oriented human resources management and most importantly its market position are the fundamental strengths of the company that make FLASH-TV the most competitive business entity in Turkish Media Sector of today.

International Station Coverage-Technical Details:  

Transponder Parameters

Satellite Turksat 4A 42.0E
Flash TV
Frequency, MHz 11.855 Mhz
FEC 3/4
Video PID 6702
Audio PID 6802
PCR 6702
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