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Goktug Group, with its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, finds its roots dating back to 1980 with the creation of Goktug Export and Import Co., followed by the establishment of Goktug Embroidery Textile, Inc. (early 1983).  On August 24, 1989, these two companies merged to form Goktug Textile Production Industry and Trade (Goktug Tekstil Fabrikalari Sanayi ve  Ticaret A.S.) ("Goktug Textile").

Capitalizing on the company's presence in Bursa, Turkey, in 1990, Goktug Investment, Construction and Tourism Inc. ("Goktug Investment") was founded.



Goktug Investment designed and constructed the Tower Plaza and Balem Project ( Bursa shopping center and entertainment complex).  Tower Plaza is an all-inclusive family entertainment, recreation, sports and dining venue offering the most modern amusement activities and restaurants in the region.

As the Turkish economy has expanded, so have the business opportunities for the Goktug Group of companies.  In July 1992, the Goktug Group branched out into the television media market with the creation of Goktug Electronic Media Inc.  Goktug Electronic Media Inc. owns and operates a national TV channel known as FLASH TV.  The Goktug Amusement Industry Div. Inc. (1999) was established to manage the Tower Plaza complex and future amusement projects now being developed in Turkey by the Goktug Group of companies.

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