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The List the Companies in GOKTUG Group

1. Name of the business entity: GOKTUG TEKSTIL FAB.SAN. TIC. A.S. (Goktug Textile Production Industry&Trade)

On August 24,1989 the merger was made with the firm (Goktug Embroidery&Textile Inc.) First Created in early 1983. The Production facilities with total floor space 96,800 sq feet located in Bursa, the city known as Textile center of TURKEY, producing wide range of embroidered household textile articles such as bed cover sets, table covers, tulle curtains and fabrics for apparel industry. NO LONGER ACTIVE

2. Name of the business entity: GOKTUG INSAAT TURIZM SAN.TIC. A.S. (Goktug Investment, Construction and Tourism Inc.)

TOWER PLAZA with the total construction area of 409,000 sq feet and located in the heart of the city. BURSA is the fourth largest city in Turkey and industrial & Commercial district of the west. European (FIAT/Italian, RENAULT/French) carmakers` Plants are in the area. The date created: March 26, 1990

3. Name of the company: GOKTUG ELECTRONIC YAYINCILIK SAN. Ve. TIC. ISLETMECILIK A.S. (Goktug Electronic Media Inc.)

Management locations are İstanbul, Ankara and Bursa. (The company owns and operates a National TV Channel known as FLASH-TV, daytime and prime time music and entertaintment Channel. The date created: January 15, 1992

4.Name of the business entity: GOKTUG HABER AJANSI SAN.TIC.Ltd. (Goktug news media Ltd.) The date created : October 14, 1994

5. Name of the business entity: GOKTUG EGLENCE MERKEZLERI ISLETME A.S. (Goktug Amusement Industry&Management Inc.builds and operates in-door entertaintment centers.) The date created : June 30,1999

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