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Ömer Göktuğ - Chairman of the Board & President

…After completing his primary and secondary education in İstanbul, Mr. Goktug earned a law degree from İstanbul University. He entered the business world within these years while he was working on his undergreaduate degree.

…He gained hands on experience on different fields such as construction, industry fuel, textile businesses.

…In 1979 with BURSANTEKS, a wholesale and retail marketing company, he initiated the trade of textile and home goods.

…Mr. Goktug founded GOKTUG BRODE CO. in 1982 as his first investment within the textile sector for embroidery textile and home goods manufacture and achieved success in domestic and international markets.

…In 1989, his second investment came with GOKTUG TEXTILE CO.. Additional capabilities of yarn twisting, weaving, embroidery, apparel entegrations have broadened the scope of GOKTUG TEXTILE.

…In 1990, Mr. Goktug made a jump to another industry and founded GOKTUG CONSTRUCTION CO. which brought sole designs of land valuation, project development and construction live.

…And, in 1992 with GOKTUG BROADCASTING CO. and GOKTUG NEWS AGENCY LMT. Mr. Goktug entered the media industry.

…Mr. Goktug was born in 1953 in İstanbul.

Mehmet Emin Göktuğ - Senior Corporate VP & Treasurer

Born in Istanbul in 1948, Mr. Mehmet Goktug graduated from Istanbul Technical University in 1971 with a Mechanical Engineering degree specialized in textile machinery.

In 1974, Mr. Goktug was selected for an American Business Orientation program at the University of Dallas.  His stellar performance in the program led to a full scholarship as a graduate student.  He received his Master of Science degree in Industrial Administration from the University of Dallas in 1976. His graduate studies and thesis project were focused on two key areas, “Effective Long and Short Term Planning of Investment Projects” and “Computerized Business Management Systems”.

   Mr. Goktug returned to Turkey to work for the KOC Holding Automotive Division, which has a joint venture with the Italian car maker FIAT.  He innovated many computerized applications, including Turkey’s first on-line computer system for effective and rapid distribution of auto parts nationwide.

In early 1980s, Turkish government moved from a state-controlled economy to a free market economy, a crucially important event in the economic history of the country.  Therefore, new and previously unexploited opportunities had finally become available for Turkish entrepreneurs. Hence, Mr. Goktug decided to establish his first company, Goktug Import and Export that was followed by Goktug Embroidery Textile Company (1983) and Goktug Textile (1989).As these companies grew, Goktug Group devoted to expand its business operations in and outside the borders of Turkey.

With its rapid development, Goktug Group continued to broaden its business activities and made a major impact in the Turkish business community.  Mr. Goktug established Goktug Construction and Investment Company in 1990, and subsequently built the first skyscraper in Bursa, Turkey’s fourth largest city. Therewith, Goktug Electronic Media was initiated in 1992, which led to the foundation of nation’s second privately owned TV station, FLASH TV.Later onin 1999, Mr. Goktug started the Goktug Amusement Company that builds and operates indoor family entertainment centers.

Mr. Goktug is married with two children. His son completed his Business Administration – Marketing/Management degree from Baldwin-Wallace University in Cleveland, OH (2005).   His daughter  earned her Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E) degree from Case Western Reserve University (2008), and received her Master of Science (M.S.) degree from Duke University in Biomedical Engineering (2009). She worked at the High Throughput Screening Center at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital operating laboratory automation systems for drug discovery. In 2016, she joined the Process Sciences Department at  AbbVie [Abbott Laboratories] as Automation Engineer.

Nedret Önaslan - Finance and Accounting Manager

Nedret Önaslan has been appointed Finance and Accounting Manager at Göktuğ Group Company, January 1, 2020. After completing her primary and secondary education in Bakırköy, Istanbul, she graduated from Yeşilköy Anatolian High School. She was born in 1982 in Istanbul and she is single.

TRespectively she has been graduated from Ankara University (2004) Food and Anadolu University (2011) Business Administration respectively. She completed her master's degree on “Human Resources Management” at Bahçeşehir University in 2015.

In addition to gaining degrees in swimming branch on club basis, she showed interest in tennis, volleyball and winter sports.

She started her business life in Bursa Kafkas Chestnut Candies and Bakery Products Company as Production Supervisor and worked there for 3 years.

She did researches on “the effect of reputation management on employee loyalty” in the master's degree and thus, she served in the Rehabilitation Center of Nilüfer Foundation Schools between 2012-2019 for 7 years.

Abdul Hadi Karaoğlu - Broadcast Systems Technical Manager

Was born in Rize, Cayeli in 1971. After completing his first and middle school in Rize, he moved to Istanbul to get his high school diploma from Istanbul Imam Hatip High School in 1989.

The same year he was accepted to Electronics Engineering Faculty of Karadeniz Technical University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering in 1994. In 1995 Abdulhadi Karaoglu began to work for FLASH TV. During his tenure there he involved with building and maintaining TV transmitters Systems Nationwide in Turkey.

Then he became the Broadcast Systems Technical Manager of the company in 2010, a position which he still holds. He also works as Flash TV Audience Representative. In 2013 he successfully received The Occupational safety specialist certificates class C and class A from Ministry of Social Security. Abdulhadi Karaoglu is married and has two kids. 

Mustafa Aktaş - Director of TV shows & programs

Born in Sivas in 1970. He graduated high school at Maltepe Highschool. He was an licensed amateur football player in Istanbul between 1986 and 1997 at many different football clubs.

In 1985, while he was a high school student, he met with the camera. He began to work as a cameraman assistant. Then he worked on many different film editing projects with sound & light and analog montage. After completing his military duty in Diyarbakir between the years 1993-94, he got education at "The American Institute For Executive & Professional Training" about cinema and television in the years between 1994-1995. During training periods, in many different projects, he was cameraman and director of photography.

AKTAŞ had diverse experiences,developed skills in shooting,editing TV series,movies,news stories,music clips and documenteries.

He met with FLASH TV late 1995. He held management positions of broadcasting room and TV shows studio operations.AKTAS is the Director of the programs broadcasted nationwide by FLASH TV since 1998. He is married and has a daughter. 

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